Below is a list of events that have been organised by Longsands over the last few years.
YearEventRaisedCharity Name
2016 Readathon £1,519.33
2015 Christmas Bazaar £2,756.94Winston's Wish
2015 Children In Need £1,741.00Children In Need
2013 Bazaar £1,663.11Dreamdrops
2013 Coffee Morning £191.00Macmillan Cancer Support
2013 Cake sale £108.30The Sick Children's Trust
2013 Sponsored Silence £51.21Stoke Assoc., Alzheimers and Click Sergeant
2013 Sixth Form 'Sleep out' £1,200.00Salvation Army
2013 Carol Concert £292.00Cancer Research
2013 Bake Sales £182.42Christmas Crisis
2012 Sixth Form Dance Show £665.00 Alzheimer´s Society.
2012 Pink Day £460.00Cancer Week
2012 £13.80ACT and Children’s Hospices
2012 £15.08Cambridge to Africa
2012 £12.18Flack
2012 £139.00Help for Heroes
2012 Year 10 £650.00Sport Relief
2012 Year 10 £700.00Upside Down Swimming Club, St Neots.
2012 Pet Club and Dog Roadshow £200.00Woodgreen Animal Centre
2012 Sixth form Sleep Out £2,007.96Salvation Army
2011 Bazaar £2,089.00Dean Symmons
2011 Poppy Day £273.00British Legion
2011 Sixth Form fancy dress £550.00Children in Need
2011 Destiny Africa £952.86Kampala Children's Centre
2011 Fancy Dress Walk £860.00Help for Heroes
2011 Fairtrade Fortnight £250.00Oxfam
2011 Sponsored Silence £410.00Children In Need
2011 The BTEC students Car Wash £30.00Centre Algarve Charity
2011 'Longsand's got Talent' Charity Show £78.00Premature Baby Unit,
Hinchinbrooke Hospital
2011 Cake sale £15.00Comic Relief
2011 Sponsored walk and non-uniform day £800.00Red nose day
2010 Year 11 'Dance Troop' £1,012.00Molly Moore
2011 Key stage 4 Comic Relief £0.00
2011 Key Stage 5 Sleepout £1,175.00Salvation Army
2010 Key Stage 3 Non-uniform Day £397.00MAGPAS
2010 Key Stage 3 Christmas Bazaar £1,200.00MAGPAS