Government and Politics
Government and Politics

Government and Politics is delivered in Key Stage 5 by the History Department.

Politics is the name we give to the human activity of conflict resolution.  Conflict arises within and between societies because unlimited demands are placed upon limited resources.  People differ in their beliefs, values, attitudes, colour, gender, abilities etc., this gives rise to different priorities.  Politics involves the processes for choosing leaders, who in turn, responding to various pressures and events, prioritise demands and determine who gets what, when and how. According to Aristotle: “Politics is the master science.”

Year 12 - AS Units

Unit 1

People and Politics

This unit examines channels of communication between government and the people eg the nature of democracy, referenda, pressure groups. It is assessed by means of a 1 hour 20 minutes written examination.

Unit 2

Governing the UK

In this unit students study major government processes in the UK and relations between institutions. It is assessed by means of a 1 hour 20 minutes written examination.

Year 13 - A2 Units

The A2 Level Government and Politics course consists of two units. Candidates are examined on each unit.

Unit 1

Representation in the USA

Introduces and examines the representative processes of the US political system and considers how adequate they are. Students look at:

  • US elections and voting
  • US political parties
  • US pressure groups

Unit 2

Governing the USA

Examines the institutional framework of US government including:

  • the Presidency
  • the Congress
  • the Supreme Court and the Constitution