The principal aim of the History Department is to foster an interest and enjoyment of studying the past. This History department seeks to engender a real love of the subject amongst its students. By stimulating students’ curiosity in the past we hope to develop their understanding of events as well as increase their ability to communicate ideas. The syllabus is designed not only to promote students enjoyment of History but also to allow them to build up the skills they need to be successful at GCSE and at A Level. Not only does History at Longsands allow students to understand the past, but it engages them with the present, in order to encourage students' to develop their opinions and articulate them effectively.

History is taught across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 with a programme of study that aims to give students maximum exposure to a wide range of periods. A variety of teaching methods are used that combine the traditional with the new; we uphold very high standards and expectations of our students.

History is compulsory at Key Stage 3 and optional at GCSE and ‘A’ Level

Years 7-9

History at Key Stage 3 aims to build on students' understanding of History at Key Stage 2. Students come to us to begin a chronological and thematic study of the period from 1066 to the present. We want the students to be able to evaluate sources, formulate arguments, judge historical interpretations and most of all enjoy their History.

Years 10 – 11

History is a very popular option at Key Stage 4. History GCSE is currently changing. Groups sitting examinations in 2016 and 2017 are currently studying OCR  History B which includes the Germany 1918-45, International Relations 1945-1975, British Society 1890-1918 and a Controlled Assessment based on USA 1919-1941. This course will cease to be examined from 2017 from 2016 we will start teaching a new GCSE accredited by Edexcel. These topics include Medicine Through Time, Elizabethan England, The Cold War and Germany 1918-1939.

Sixth Form: Years 12 and 13

History is a popular option at Key Stage 5. The topics selected seek to offer something different to History at GCSE. Students study the AQA specification, made of three units:

Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964

The English Revolution, 1625 - 1660

USA Civil Rights 1865-1968 (coursework unit).