About Psychology

Psychology is a popular subject at St Neots Sixth Form Centre and the subject has consistently achieved high levels of progress with students over the last four years. 

This course examines the scientific study of human thought, behaviour, and emotion, and will allow students to develop an understanding of the wide ranging topics included in the course:

Attachment between parents and their children

  • Memory

  • Social interaction

  • Schizophrenia

  • Psychopathology

  • Forensic Psychology

  • Research methods

  • The process of science


As an A-level subject Psychology works very well with Sociology and Health and Social Care for those interested in nursing, midwifery, and physiotherapy. It is also one of the top ten subjects for those studying medicine and biomedicine (combined with Biology and Chemistry). 

Many students also choose Psychology as an option that offers a different perspective on human behaviour compared to History and Geography.

Please contact the Head of Psychology (Dr Doug Cullen) if you would like more information about the course or to discuss the entry criteria needed to study Psychology at A-level.