Product Design and Textiles
Product Design and Textiles

About Product Design

Product Design allows students to develop key life skills including: planning, organisation, problem solving, research, drawing, making and evaluating. For many students the appeal of Product Design is that it allows them to develop their creative skills and realise them through their creations.

All students study Product Design in KS3. They will have the opportunity to work in a variety of media including: metals, plastics, wood and composites. Students will learn how to cut, join, work and finish these materials. They will learn about the properties and suitability of these materials in the production process. Students will also learn about Health and Safety and how to use machinery and tools safely and appropriately. Students are also given a wider appreciation of waste reduction and care for the environment. In KS3 there is a clear emphasis on independent learning and problem solving which are key transferable skills which can be used in all subjects.

In KS4 students can opt to study Product Design as a GCSE. At this level students will follow the OCR syllabus. For more detail, go to the KS4 link..

Students can also study engineering in KS4.  For more details about this course please follow the link.