Classical Civilisation
Classical Civilisation

About Classics

We firmly believe that the study of Classical Literature, Language and Civilisation is invaluable. It offers the complete study of one of the foundational civilisations in the Western world - Rome. We study their language, their literature, their culture, their architecture and much more. The relevance for students today can be seen at every juncture. It enables students to understand the English Language better, it allows students to put art/literature and history into a meaningful context, and it's fun! Our main aim is to encourage students to enjoy the ancient world, and see its relevance to their lives today.

The Department is small, but growing, and offers Latin to a limited number of students on time table, and runs an after school Latin club for all students from any Key Stage. It also offers Classical Civilisation at A Level.


Key stage 3

Around 30 students are offered Latin for one hour a week in year 9. The Department follows the Cambridge Latin course. In this year we aim to complete Book 1 of the Course through an intensive study.


Key stage 4  

GCSE is currently in flux at the moment with 2 parallel courses  soon to be running. The Department follows the WJEC Level 2 Language and Civilisation course as well as the new GCSE Eduquas Latin course. Both courses require students to translate short unseen passages of Latin as well as answer comprehension questions about a passage of Latin. All answers are written in English. For the new GCSE students will also study Latin literature in much the same way that they study English literature for GCSE.


Key stage 5

At A Level the Department offers  OCR Classical Civilisation. It is still a legacy subject and will be until 2017, so still follows the traditional AS/A2 path.


Students study: Homer's Odyssey

                          Roman Thought and Society (Pliny, Petronius, Horace and Juvenal)

In these modules students encounter the Greek and Roman world through their literature. Both are examined by a 1hr 30 minute exam


Students study: Comic Drama (Aristophanes and Plautus)

                          Roman Britain and its archaeology

These modules are both examined by a 2 hour exam.