Well-Being Support
Longsands Academy employs a resident qualified Integrative Adolescent Counsellor. She is a registered Accredited member of BACP British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and adheres to their code of ethics and practice. She offers talking therapy and also opportunities to engage with art forms such as; painting, collage, puppets, sand tray, creative writing and music.

Counselling is a confidential service which offers all students support with emotional and behavioural difficulties and concerns such as;
    Anxiety and Stress Anger and Frustration Depression
    Worrying Over thinking Self-Harm
    Abuse Fears Low self-esteem
    Bereavement and Loss Identity Sexuality
    Relationship Issues Family Issues Bullying
Counselling takes place weekly, in school, and usually lasts 45/50 minutes. Counselling can last anything from 1 session to 6, 12 or longer depending on the individual and their needs.

Referral Process
Occasionally a member of Longsands staff will initiate or suggest a referral. Sometimes students themselves ask to be referred by speaking in confidence to a member of their Key Stage Support Team. A parent can also make a referral by phone, letter or in person.

Depending on current demand, it may be necessary to place a student on a waiting list for them to be seen, usually within 2 weeks. However, if there is a significant cause for concern and it is thought that the student would benefit from a speedier intervention, then the student/parent/carer will be advised to go to see their GP. If the GP has concerns they may refer the young person to CAMHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service which offers counselling outside of school.