Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

The Canteen provides a range of food to the students at Lunchtime and at Break. We work closely with our catering staff to ensure food is healthy, nutritious and complies with the government's Healthy Eatin intiative.

All staff and parents will be anxious to encourage students in making appropriate food choices. We work hard to ensure students understand how to establish and maintain a healthy diet, including the nutritional value of food stuffs.

In order to reinforce the healthy eating agenda, and to comply with the government's nutritional standards the school does not supply or sell the following types of food:

  • sugary drinks;
  • carbonated drinks other than sparkling water;
  • chocolate bars;
  • crisps;
  • pre-packaged biscuits.

Other items such as deep-fried food (ie chips) are available on an occasional basis.

Students are not permitted to bring fizzy drinks (cans of pop) or energy drinks to school. They should bring a clear, see-through plastic bottle filled with water, which can be replenished during the day from a number of taps and water dispensers around the Academy.

This decision was taken many years ago based on health grounds and the desire to establish a positive learning environment. If you allow your son or daughter to consume 500ml of energy drinks per day, you may like to know that these contain more than 12 teaspoons of sugar and 160mg of caffeine - the equivalent of 4 cans of cola. The consumption of such carbonated high sugar and high caffeine drinks can have a negative impact on concentration levels and ultimately on achievement. The Academy also wishes to reinforce this ban on fizzy and energy drinks as recent research shows that the increase in consumption of sugared drinks is one of the key reasons for dental decay, particularly in children British Dental Health Foundation