Keeping in Contact
Keeping in Contact

Up-To-Date Information:

  • it is very important that our database carries essential up-to-date information about the students for whom we care. It is important that changes in family circumstances eg names, telephone numbers etc are passed on to the school as soon as possible. To this end, please ensure any appropriate details that have been changed are handed to the school within the first two weeks of the Autumn term. Should further changes occur throughout the term, please let us know as soon as it is convenient.
  • we may, at times, contact parents via e-mail or text.

Emergency Telephone Numbers:

  • IT IS CRITICAL THAT WE HAVE EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS FOR EVERY STUDENT IN OUR CARE AND THAT WE ARE ABLE TO CONTACT EITHER A PARENT OR SOMEBODY ON THE PARENTS' BEHALF TO INFORM THEM OF ANY URGENT SITUATIONS. On rare occasions, we need to be able to contact a parent or relative urgently, eg because of some accident which may have occurred. We require a reliable contact person to act on behalf of parents if parents themselves are not able to provide a telephone number;
  • although not commonplace in schools, many work places only refer to colleagues by first name. It would therefore be useful if you could include full names when completing emergency contact details.

Special Family Circumstances:

  • if there are specific, personal family circumstances of which you feel the school should be aware, please state these details in writing and address the letter to either your child's form tutor or the Head of School/Year. The Head of School/Year will make a note of this in the child's file and pass on any necessary details to our database. The types of situations where this might occur may involve: a change of name; an issue of access by a parent to a child; a parent who does not live with the family, but who wishes to receive and has the right to receive correspondence and their child's annual report etc. If an issue is particularly sensitive and you wish to discuss this on a one-to-one basis with either your child's form tutor or Head of School/Year please do not hesitate to telephone the school and make an appointment.

Log Book:

  • in September all students receive a Log Book. This should be treated with care and always kept free from graffiti. The purpose of the Log Book is to enable students to organise their school work and affairs in such a manner that they can perform efficiently and effectively. It is specifically designed to help them note down and monitor their homework. We hope that parents will take an active part in assisting students with this task and sign weekly to show they are monitoring homework. In the Log Book students will find the 'Statement of Purpose' which encapsulates what we are aiming to achieve at the Academy.
  • the Log Book also contains information for the student about the use of the Log Book and information for the parent. It includes some pointers for students with regard to everyday behaviour and it would be very helpful if you could discuss these with your son or daughter. The Log Book contains the homework policy for the Key Stage that your son or daughter is in, a number of homework pages to be completed on a daily basis, a uniform list and a timetable which indicates which lessons students have where and with whom and what homework they can expect to receive on each night of the week. (See Pages 21 & 22 for further information on the Log Book.)