Year 6 Transition
Year 6 Transition

Year 6 Transition

Click on the links below to see what students from local primary schools found out about Longsands Academy on their transition days Last July.

Documents of Interest
bayley and nicolai 7MJJ[1].pdf 378K   01/03/2017
emily pammenter fry 7MJJ[1].pdf 159K   01/03/2017
isabel crawshaw 7RCT[1].pdf 3663K   01/03/2017
Jinisha and Honor 7RCT[1].pdf 353K   01/03/2017
kaitlan and josies 7mjj[1].pdf 360K   01/03/2017
Kayley and george 7RCT[1].pdf 1034K   01/03/2017