Cashless Catering
Cashless Catering

At Longsands Academy we run a cashless catering service called VeriCool for Schools. We usually enrol the new Year 7 students on their first full day in September: we will be running a cash service for the new Year 7 students only on that day and on the transition days. For the next day, accounts should be credited using one of the payment methods detailed below.

Payment Options
The options for payment are as follows:

ParentPay - ParentPay is an e-payment solution for schools and is the Academy's preferred option for accepting payments for catering and trips/visits. ParentPay enables funds to be administered to a child's account by credit or debit card over the Internet. A letter with your log-in details will be sent home with your son/daughter on the first day of term. If you have any difficulty accessing your ParentPay account, please contact the Finance Department on 01480 223336/37.

Using cash loaders, which have been installed at strategic points around the school, near H Block social area, in F Block social area and in the Ritchie Hall. PayPoint Card - please contact Longsands' Finance Office for details.

These are some of the benefits of the system:

  • money loaded to your account can only be spent in school;
  • no one knows who does or does not receive a free school meal (FSM) allowance, which obviously removes any potential embarrassment for the student: if your child is entitled to a FSM, an allowance will be automatically credited to his/her account daily and you may also credit additional money to the account in any of the ways detailed above; please note, any amount remaining of the FSM daily allowance is not carried over;
  • all transactions are recorded by day, terminal, child, food type etc so we can produce a report to show you what your son or daughter has eaten and when;
  • it has speeded up the lunchtime queues.

How the System Works
When enrolled, having made their choice in the canteen, each student places their finger on a scanner to make a payment for their food. No cash or swipe card is required. During the enrolment process the software captures a digital signature of your child's middle fingertip, which is then broken down into data points, similar to reference points on a map. VeriCool then turns these into an alpha numeric string which is then encrypted (jumbled so no one else can read it) and stored on our own Academy ICT server. It is not the same as fingerprinting.

We also use the VeriCool system for the Academy's Library and signing in and out of the building for all students.

Once your child goes off the Academy's roll, his/her biometric information will be securely deleted.

If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, this must be done in writing and sent to Longsands Academy. Your child may also withdraw his/her consent at any time; this must be communicated to the relevant Key Stage team.