GCSE Revision and Curriculum Support
GCSE Revision and Curriculum Support

Please find here a sense of our exam preparation package for Year 11 students as they approach the final stages of their GCSE study. Each subject across the Academy has their own specific programme of intervention and support in place, consisting of in-class strategies, quality first teaching provision, guided independent revision activities, the use and tracking of online applications, revision materials and exemplar answers on the VLE and extracurricular revision support sessions. The clear focus, as always, is to secure the best possible experience, learning and outcomes for all Year 11 students.

Students will continue to have time in the curriculum to revisit prior learning and engage in revision activities in the Supervised Private Study sessions on Wednesday afternoons. The Library is also open every day for all students who wish to have a quiet and supportive environment in which to work and revise after school. There will often be support staff on hand to answer any questions and support with structuring revision.

Please also find a link to a helpful article which offers parents/carers a helpful guide on how they can offer support to Year 11 students at this time: https://www.learningperformance.com/blog/how-parents-can-survive-exams

Mr Paine has spoken to Year 11 students about inventive ways in which students can revise. One such way is through the use of song with information from the syllabus. More information about the Studytracks app can be found here: http://www.studytracks.education/

As ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us Mr Owen (Senior Assistant Headteacher - KS4) or Miss Furlonger (Head of Year 11) should you have any queries regarding any aspect of your child’s education or wellbeing.

Any questions regarding Exam information should be directed to Mrs Carpenter in the first instance.

Documents of Interest
Being Exam Ready - Revision Decisions Grid.pdf 79K   14/02/2018
Easter Exam Preparation Booklet.pdf 2551K   29/03/2018
Easter Holiday Revision Timetable.pdf 145K   29/03/2018
Longsands Blank Revision Timetable.pdf 126K   31/01/2018
Prepare to Perform daily planner.pdf 601K   31/01/2018
Revision Matters Parents Presentation.pdf 793K   31/01/2018
Supporting your Child through GCSEs.pdf 168K   31/01/2018
Year 11 External exams timetable.pdf 30K   31/01/2018
Year 11 Revision Timetable.jpg 313K   31/01/2018