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Year 9 Summer Progress Work

Over the past few weeks, all Year 9 students have begun their transition to Key Stage 4. We have met tutors, delivered assemblies to students and closely monitored student progress and behaviour in lessons. 

The clear expectation is that all Year 9 students must continue to think about their approach to their learning that will contribute to them making a successful transition to their GCSE studies in September. The new strengthened, linear GCSE qualifications are much more rigorous and complex in their assessment of knowledge and skills and, therefore, require students to be even more committed to independently reflect on their learning and regularly revisit subject content to ensure this learning is consolidated.  

Consequently, we have collated Summer Progress Work for Year 9 students to complete to help make the academic transition to GCSE work and to prepare students for the study habits necessary for GCSE success. All subjects have set guided tasks which each represent around 30 minutes of work. The resources can be located below. Students should complete the work set for the subjects they are studying; this will be monitored by the classroom teacher in the first lesson back in September.

Whilst we recognise that all students need a break over the summer holiday, it is also important that they keep in touch with the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need for each subject. To that end, we thank you in anticipation for your support in ensuring this work is completed.

We look forward to meeting you in person on Wednesday 19th September in our ‘Welcome to Key Stage 4’ evening where more details about supporting students through GCSE studies will be shared.

Yours sincerely,


Mr N Owen                                                                 Mrs V Parsons

Senior Assistant Headteacher (KS4)                     Head of Year 10


Documents of Interest
Business and BTEC Business.pdf 188K   17/07/2018
Child development.pdf 145K   17/07/2018
Computer Science.pdf 298K   17/07/2018
Creative i-Media.pdf 313K   17/07/2018
Drama.pdf 38K   20/07/2018
Economics.pdf 170K   17/07/2018
English (1).pdf 347K   17/07/2018
Fine Art KO.pdf 275K   17/07/2018
Fine Art.pdf 127K   17/07/2018
Food & Nutrition.pdf 77K   17/07/2018
French.pdf 372K   17/07/2018
Geography.pdf 190K   17/07/2018
Geology (1).pdf 210K   17/07/2018
Geology (2).pdf 483K   17/07/2018
German.pdf 359K   17/07/2018
Graphics KO.pdf 275K   17/07/2018
Graphics.pdf 127K   17/07/2018
History KO.pdf 283K   17/07/2018
History.pdf 167K   17/07/2018
Hospitality.pdf 77K   17/07/2018
Latin (1).pdf 127K   17/07/2018
Latin (2).pdf 460K   17/07/2018
Maths (1).pdf 192K   17/07/2018
Maths (2).pdf 359K   17/07/2018
Maths.pdf 169K   17/07/2018
Music.pdf 87K   17/07/2018
PE.pdf 113K   17/07/2018
Photography KO.pdf 275K   17/07/2018
Photography.pdf 127K   17/07/2018
Product Design.pdf 294K   19/07/2018
RE (1).pdf 1620K   17/07/2018
RE (2).pdf 92K   17/07/2018
Science.pdf 85K   17/07/2018
Sociology.pdf 275K   17/07/2018
Spanish.pdf 358K   17/07/2018