Head Teacher's Message
Weekly update
   Added/Edited on the 16/07/2017 10:13:34

The penultimate week of this academic year began by welcoming back students and staff who participated in a highly enjoyable and successful joint History/Languages trip to Normandy. Hot on their heels were the staff and students who returned from the Duke of Edinburgh silver award assessment weekend in the Peak District; staff reported positively on the behaviour and engagement of all students on these excursions.

A key focus of this week has been the return of Year 11 students, firstly for a celebration assembly with their tutors and the Key Stage 4 team as well as the opportunity to collect hoodies and Yearbooks. It was a pleasure to witness the genuine respect and affection on show between staff and students with the exchange of cards, gifts and awards. Students then changed from one smart and glamorous outfit to another for our annual Prom which was held at Burgess Hall in St Ives. Once again, the strong bond between staff, students and those parents/carers who attended was evident and a fantastic time was had by all. I was extremely proud of our young people when receiving feedback from Burgess Hall staff who remarked that they were the best behaved group they had ever worked with.

Students in Year 12 have also experienced a busy and interesting end to the week, engaging in a series of destination events to support their plans for life after the sixth form. This included presentations from external speakers from the world of work, college and university, a destination interview with their form tutor, guidance on how to complete their CV/personal statement as well as a celebratory event at the Eat ‘n’ Bowl. Biology students also visited Castleton in the Peak District in order to support the completion of coursework.

Students in key Stage 3, meanwhile, have also had the opportunity to enjoy and learn from a range of opportunities during this past week. On Tuesday, students enjoyed a degree of success at the U13 cricket finals for the boys and girls teams and a follow-up trip to Lord’s on Thursday to watch a 20/20 match. On Wednesday, Year 8 Geographers experienced a successful trip to Hunstanton whilst Year 9 visited Thorpe Park as part of their end of key stage celebrations. Thursday began in exciting and mysterious fashion for Year 8 when they were presented with a crime to solve to introduce them to the world of forensics as well as an opportunity for them to apply their scientific knowledge and skills.

The week ended with a collapsed day to mark the end of our fortnight-long Arts Festival which, this year, was based around a 1960’s ‘Hairspray’ theme. Students were able to engage in a wide variety of activities including sport, art & crafts, dance, music, extended writing and model-making. The extended time to focus on these projects enabled students to produce some fantastic pieces of work which will go on display and, in some cases, take-up permanent residence in the academy.

On Monday, we welcome back Year 10 from their work experience placements; we have received a significant number of positive reports from employers who have gone out of their way to praise many students for their conduct and engagement with the work they have been required to perform. I have already signed a number of requests for further, part-time employment which is testament to the positive impression which students have left their placements with.

Please do take the time to visit our social media sites which allow you to see for yourself the enjoyment experienced by your children and their subsequent achievements; you have much to be proud of.

Martin Paine