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Happy New Year, I hope you all enjoyed a happy and peaceful Christmas. After staff spent Friday continuing with our work on curriculum development, we welcomed students back to the Academy on Monday. My thanks to parents/carers for their support in ensuring that students attended punctually, with the correct equipment and in full uniform. Heads of Year conducted checks of all students in Years 7-11 and were delighted that the majority were not only in correct uniform but also that there were increased numbers in the new uniform, ahead of the Easter deadline. We have asked a relatively small number of students to rectify any deviations from our uniform policy before any contact is made with home for support.

The GCSE Preferences process was introduced to Year 9 students on Wednesday, ahead of their second assessment of the year going home next Wednesday and an information evening on the Thursday. Students have been guided to one of three pathways, two of which enable achievement of the Ebacc suite of subjects, a government performance measure which includes the study of English, maths, the Sciences, History or Geography and an Ancient (Latin) or Modern Foreign Language.

A significant number of students in Year 11 returned to the start of the exam season with Food Practicals on Wednesday & Thursday, an ICT exam and Music performance recording on Thursday and a Child Development exam on Friday. In addition, Visual Arts students were issued their exam materials in an assembly on Thursday.

On Wednesday, we welcomed a pleasing number of parents/carers for Year 11 subject consultation meetings where staff discussed recent mock results and GCSE forecasts. I was encouraged by the positive conversations being had between staff, parents and students as advice and guidance was discussed and supporting literature was provided, enabling parents/carers to support their children at this crucial time in their studies. We have also been encouraged by the number of students who have made use of GCSEPod which provides access to a wealth of supporting material which can be accessed independently by students and their families to help plug any knowledge gaps and reinforce previous learning. If your child has not already accessed this resource then please urge them to do so; research has shown that those students who make most us of this resource, have often achieved the best results.

Year 13 students returned to the start of their mock exams which continue into this coming week. We have been impressed by the focussed manner in which they have approached this key aspect of their A Level studies; the process of feedback, guidance and support will subsequently provide what is needed to ensure that students can build on this experience in preparation for the summer exams.

Lastly, in response to a recent Cambridgeshire-wide Health Survey, we have made the decision to extend the reach of our Breakfast Club which will, from Monday, be held in the New Hall. Greater capacity and a longer opening time is intended to encourage more students to take advantage of our offer of free tea and toast so that they are properly set for a day of study; please encourage your child to come along, especially if they are prone to skip this vital first meal of the day.

Martin Paine