Creativity For All
The Visual Arts Department at Longsands is dedicated to provide all students with a rich curriculum and opportunities to explore colour, creativity and emotional responses to beauty and aesthetics throughout the Key Stages. In the Visual Arts, students explore, analyse and respond to the work of artists and each other. They have the opportunity to examine references to the sublime and spirituality in artistic creations that are spiritually centred in order to understand potential impact of the work. Dialogue is encouraged and students investigate notions creatively through exploration and contemplation. The department believes that such work contributes centrally to students' understanding of the world and their place within it.

All students have the opportunity to respond to art, which evoke responses such happiness, sadness, despair, visual pleasure, social responses and joy to name but a few. Students at the Academy are challenged to explore a variety of topics and contexts; some of their responses will at times shock, challenge, and provoke their audience. We hope that you enjoy exploring their work on this Gallery.

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