Head Teacher's Message
Weekly update
Added on the 29/05/2017

We were all shocked and saddened by the tragic events which occurred in Manchester on Monday evening. When considering how best to acknowledge and respond to events such as these, we feel that it is important to achieve a balance between maintaining a calm and purposeful environment where the students can get on with 'business as usual' but also allowing them to pause and reflect on their own feelings. Advice to staff, especially tutors, was to do exactly that and I am confident that all students felt able to air their thoughts and concerns and have any questions answered as well as hearing advice from the local authority and police. I am proud to say that the one minute silence on Thursday was impeccably respected.

For all those involved, a real highlight of this week, and one which really lifted the spirits, was Thursday evening's summer music concert. We were delighted with the attendance by parents/carers and their families as well as the support shown by staff at the end of a challenging half term. Led by Mr Jones and hosted by Eddie Emerson, the concert itself was a perfect tonic to the sad losses experienced in Manchester and reminded us how music has the power to raise our spirits and provide genuine moments of joy to all those involved. I would like to commend all those who put in the hard work and practice to produce such a wide range of musical performances, each and everyone of which was performed to a very impressive standard, including the staff band which was an unexpected delight! Lastly, I would like to thank the St Neots Rotarians who presented a number of awards to Ellen Spooner and the student choir as well as to the academy as a whole for our recent musical achievements.

I am very grateful for the positive feedback we have received from parents/carers during this half term which acknowledge the efforts of staff and the subsequent achievements of your children; your continued support plays a crucial role in this process. Please do continue to follow us on our Twitter and Facebook sites where you will also find our latest newsletter.

Martin Paine